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Maritime Offshore Technology & Engineering

MOTE is Maritime Offshore Technology & Engineering under Patriot Teknologi Maritim (PTM) subsidiary of ELPI was established in 2021. MOTE is one of the maritime training centers for Dynamic Positioning in the world.

Our training center is located in one of the big cities which is easy and cheap to access both transportation and accommodation, and is powered by: K-SimĀ® Navigation-Offshore and Kongsberg K-Pos Basic Trainers as well as the best DP Instructors and DP Engineers licensed from Nautical Institute and IMCA - London


To be a world-class company, Indonesia's pride with completely sustainable maritime solutions


Providing safe, reliable, and efficient maritime support services supported by competent Human Resources and Operational Reliability and supported by an Integrated Management System and Advanced Technology


DP Basic Course

The DP Basic Course or Dynamic Positioning Basic Course is an initial training course designed to introduce participants to the basic principles and operational concepts of Dynamic Positioning (DP) technology in the maritime industry. This course is the first step for aspiring DP operators or maritime personnel wishing to be involved in operating ships or platforms using the DP system.

DP Simulator Course

DP Simulator Course or Dynamic Positioning Simulator Course is a type of training that aims to provide practical training to participants in operating the Dynamic Positioning (DP) system using a simulator. DP Simulation allows participants to gain hands-on experience and practice their skills in a safe and controlled environment.


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